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08 April 2012 @ 03:16 pm
SHADOWS OF OURSELVES: a mortal instruments fan cast  
fandom: the mortal instruments.
characters: jace, clary, simon, alec, isabelle, magnus, luke, jocelyn.
ship: none.
song: shadows of ourselves by thievery corporation.

vid specifications: format is NTSC DV (856x480, 29 fps). duration is 00:03:31. contains videoclips from many tvseries, movies and interviews, including but not limited to: camelot, mirror mirror, disney's prom, war horse, the secret circle, pretty little liars, chaos and blood diamond. some of the jeremy irvine clips were taken from this video, with much thanks to jeremyirvinefanclub @ YT. god knows how hard it is to find non-war horse footage of this kid! file type is .wmv and file size on disk is 33 MB.

song choice explanation: i don't know, i was looking for a slow, sensual-ish, jazzy-type song and this one came up on my ipod. thought this one fit the criteria, so i used it.

production notes: see, the thing is, i HATE fan casts. with a passion. i watch them on youtube because i'm just that big a masochist, but without fail, the choices for actors people use for the characters i've come to love literally leave me feeling sick to my stomach (drew barrymore as jocelyn fray? are you kidding me?). gosh, i take these things way too seriously for my own health. so why would i ever THINK of doing one of these? well, it had been almost a year since i'd made any videos of any kind, and i was itching to tinker with vegas. i was reading TMI at the time, so i had really clear pictures of the characters in my mind, but i wasn't in the mood to clip entire movies or tv shows, so i thought just making a half-slideshow, half-video thingy would work. youtube was very helpful with the clips, so this one came out rather quickly. i tried to come up with actors and actresses that not only fit my image of what the characters LOOK like (in some cases some hair dye might be needed, whatever), but also were close to the right age relative to each other and more importantly, were actors and actresses i know can ACT worth their paychecks. feel free to disagree with my choices, though.

technical chatter: i had two goals with this vid, and that was to learn how to use the lighten blend mode to transition between clips/images (i think i got the hang of it), and to use "film burns" and moving textures for the very first time (still not that handy with these). also, making slideshows is always nice because i get to play with transitions and panning effects.

post-production reflections: i was going to make it longer, include more characters (i do have more-or-less the whole cast pictured in my head, though i'm sure i will LOVE whoever TPTB decide to go with in the end... it's happened with other series), but i kinda got bored of it after a while. so i decided i might as well post what i had already done, before the actual casting begins for the city of bones movie. (SOON! omg! *fingers crossed*)

disclaimer: the mortal instruments and all associated names and characters are property of cassandra clare, et al. we do not claim ownership of any clips and sound bites from movies and interviews used for this video. they are property of their respective owners.


watch video:


please, if you have a youtube account, leave your comments in the video's youtube page. if you don't have a youtube account, feel free to comment here, in this post.
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